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Forum Rank's

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:26 pm

Rank's for Normal Member's

user - (for new members) - 0 post's required - Sword Power[0]

Member - at least 10 post's - Sword Power[1]

Active Member - at least 30 post's - Sword Power[1]

Senior - at least 100 post's - Sword Power[2]

Veteran - at least 200 post's - Sword Power[3]

Special Rank's (need to be assigned by a admin)

Tester(those whose Testing Apply is accepted) - Sword Power[1]

Senior Tester(for trusted/active testers) - Sword Power[2]

Helper(for non developer's who help the team once a while)(we will have a development Category later on) - Sword Power[3]

Sub-Community Manager(for the most trusted and active member) - Sword Power[4]

Developer(you will get this if you are in the developing team) - Sword Power[5]

Community Manager(only Jordy for now) - Sword Power[6]

CEO(Me/SnowkK only) - Sword Power[7]

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